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Malta’s Youth, Rejoice! Djuno is here to give you the mobile experience you deserve!

Thursday, October 29, 2020 by Charles Karakas

Malta’s Youth, Rejoice! Djuno is here to give you the mobile experience you deserve!

Are you a student, first time employee, or perhaps a young entrepreneur? Do you feel that none of the youth mobile plans on the market meet your needs when it comes to keeping you connected?

Don’t stress – Djuno is here for you! 

Melita has answered the call of the young and free with a fresh new brand tailor made for 14-29 year olds.

Gone are the days when your data bundle runs out, leaving you wandering around with your phone in the air, desperately searching for an open WiFi connection just to be able to complete a simple task. Thanks to Djuno, you’ll have access to a cost-effective mobile plan that puts the “D” into “Data” and keeps you going and going!

So what is Djuno?

Djuno is a new brand aimed at addressing the mobile needs of Malta’s youth. With two packages to choose from, Djuno prioritises top speed data in its two mobile plans – BigGig M and BigGig L

Djuno by melita

With the BigGig M plan, you get 100 minutes of calls and 100 SMS to any local network along with 5 GB of mobile data – all for just €8, all for 30 days. The BigGig L supersizes your mobile data by offering you four times the data for just an additional €4.

That’s right, for €12 every 30 days – you’ll be equipped with 20 GB of top speed data plus 100 minutes and 100 SMS to any local network to use as you wish. In addition to this, both packages also come with limitless, endless, all-you-can-eat MelitaWiFi access from any of our 75,000 Wifi hotspots across the Maltese islands. Simply connect and surf on Malta’s largest network of high speed WiFi hotspots till your heart’s content. 

Djuno also understands that there are times when you quite simply need to burn through more data than average – and that’s where the Djuno Data Boost option comes in handy. By simply sending a SMS with the words “Endless Data” to 16860, you’ll be equipped with an endless amount of data till midnight of that same day. This service costs just €2 and can be activated from anywhere, at any time.

Data boost is a first for the Maltese market and really opens up a plethora of opportunities by giving you access to unlimited, high speed data at your fingertips whenever you need it most. Indeed, you can now stream that all important game live from wherever you are without worrying about exhausting your data bundle. If you need to attend a virtual meeting or have to collaborate on a video chat whilst on the run, then Data Boost is the ultimate solution. How about keeping your fans and followers updated with a day of stories and live streams!  Or perhaps you just want to park up in a scenic spot and kick back to catch up on some Netflix or have an afternoon of call of duty on your mobile!

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Whatever the situation, Data Boost gives you more of what you want when you want it!

As if that wasn’t enough, new Djuno subscribers can choose between a branded cotton tote bag or a phone charger when signing up (while stocks last). Speaking of signing up, there’s no need to take out a contract as this is a prepaid service – simply make sure you have enough credit in your account and your Djuno benefits will automatically renew every 30 days

To get Djuno simply visit

Charles Karakas

Charles Karakas