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Meet Tiziana Vella

Monday, July 13, 2020 by Tiziana Vella

Meet Tiziana Vella

Time on Earth – 29 years

Time at Melita – 8 years

Status – Married

My career at Melita started in 2012 when I left a large fashion retail company to become one of Melita’s Retail Sales Executives.  To this day I feel that it was the best decision I ever took in my life.  In 2015, I got promoted to Telesales Supervisor and two years later I was once again promoted, this time to Telesales and Retention Manager.  This role requires that I manage a team of 37 people, most of which are young, and all of which have vibrant and have diverse personalities.  My main responsibilities are to manage the daily operations of the two departments and to ensure the well-being and motivation levels of the employees, whilst also providing the best customer service to our esteemed clients, increase efficiency, as well as customer satisfaction.

There’s something special about Melita and it’s how the company cares about its employees. At Melita those who show an interest to grow and enhance their development get many opportunities to do so, and the internal culture encourages genuine teamwork.  I find my colleagues to be very friendly, talented and always ready to collaborate with each other.  This positive environment minimises stress on employees and encourages co-operation. At Melita, middle and higher management are always available to provide support and coaching, which all in all makes Melita one of the best companies to work for.

Over the years I’ve accumulated a good number of cherished memories from work, but my favourite must be when the company organised a jeep treasure hunt that took us all over the island. We got to spend a full day of fun with colleagues, which undoubtedly enhanced relationships between peers and departments and increasing motivation.

Work has always been an important part of my life and seeing my team performing well gives me great satisfaction which in turn affects my personal life positively. Melita promotes a good work-life balance, and thanks to this I have learnt how to switch off completely and to dedicate time to myself and my family.

I have no other way how to describe what working at Melita is like, except that it is the perfect workplace for ambitious people who like to learn and start a career path. Once you become part of the company, you realise that your job is not just something you do for the money but something that instils a purpose and motivates you to work towards something bigger and more successful. 

Tiziana Vella

Tiziana Vella

Telesales & Retention Manager