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Melita accelerates its electric car adoption 

Friday, November 03, 2023 by Melita

Melita accelerates its electric car adoption 

The transport sector represents a staggering 23 per cent of all energy-related emissions, and in response to this pressing environmental challenge, Melita Limited would have succeeded in eliminating over 40 tonnes of harmful emissions from Malta’s roads by the end of the year.

This ambitious goal is being achieved by converting 40 per cent of the company’s cars to electric vehicles. Melita has more than doubled the number of electric vehicles on its fleet over the last year as it continues its accelerated path to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. By 2025, Melita plans to have 90 per cent of its fleet converted to electric.

The green initiative undertaken by Melita to replace conventional petrol cars and diesel-powered vans with electric vehicles, has placed the telecoms service provider among the three top finalists for next month’s Malta Business Awards. Complementing this initiative, Melita employed an innovative parking app.  By managing parking spaces more effectively, it continued to reduce the carbon footprint associated with inefficient parking.

Randolph Said, Chief Financial Officer at Melita Limited, said: “Phasing out conventional fuel-driven cars contributes to our vision of breathing cleaner air and reducing pollution on our roads. Our recognition as a finalist in the Green Transport Initiative category of the Malta Business Awards is a welcome recognition of the company’s strong environmental credentials.”

Melita is a finalist under the Green Transport Initiative of the Malta Business Awards, which recognises the efforts of businesses, that have implemented measures to encourage the use of smart and sustainable transport initiatives and increase operational efficiency.



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