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Melita Appoints New Head Of Customer Experience

Wednesday, November 13, 2019 by Melita

Melita Appoints New Head Of Customer Experience

Graziella Costa is the new Head of Customer Experience at Melita Limited. In this new role she will be tasked with continuously improving the experience of existing and potential customers.

This new appointment follows a period of transformation within Melita which, over the past three and a half years, has invested heavily in new processes and training to improve customer experience. As a result of this effort, independently researched customer satisfaction ratings at Melita have increased significantly to a consistently high average of 8.9 out of 10. Costa, who was previously Head of Projects, already has an in-depth knowledge of the new systems in place and of the complexities which interacting with customers across a plethora of channels poses.

Costa said, “In recent years there have been a lot of changes at Melita. During this time, I’ve been privileged to work across a number of departments, including sales, finance and human resources, before focussing on process improvement. As the way people interact with Melita continues to change dramatically, particularly with the growth of digital channels, we have worked hard to improve our customers’ experience. I’m determined, together with my excellent team, to continue to deliver further improvements across all channels.”

The growing preference for the use of digital channels by customers is highlighted by the fact that some 60 per cent of all customer contacts now originate through these channels. This growth has been particularly evident on the chat function on and on Facebook Messenger, both available in English and Maltese. Facebook Messenger, in fact, has seen a month-on-month growth of contacts of more than 25 per cent. Similar significant growth has also occurred in the use of the company’s online Help Centre where customers can access information about all Melita’s products and services.

Harald Roesch, CEO at Melita Limited, said, “There are few people who know Melita, and our customers, as well as Graziella. Having played a crucial role in helping us to significantly improve our customer experience in recent years, I am confident that, together with her team, she is best placed to deliver further improvements which meet, and exceed, our customers’ expectations.”



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