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Melita Business helps OZO Group keep 3,000 employees connected

Tuesday, August 23, 2022 by Melita Business

Melita Business helps OZO Group keep 3,000 employees connected

Melita Business is now providing services to OZO Group, enabling seamless connectivity across a complex organisation which employs more than 3,000 people in the hospitality, retail, manufacturing, property management and care sectors. In addition to mobile services which are essential for the company, Melita Business is also providing cloud PBX and broadband.

Malcolm Briffa, Director of Business Services at Melita Limited, said, “As a specialist in the outsourcing and services industry, OZO Group has thousands of employees deployed in multiple locations across Malta and Gozo. Connectivity is essential for the company in managing its operations and ensuring it delivers an optimum service to its clients. Moreso is mobile connectivity, which can be provisioned to offer mobile data only, or include calls and SMS, catering for the various demands of our business clients.”

“Thanks to our nationwide 5G network, Melita Business has proved to be the ideal communications partner for OZO Group. The team is being equipped with endless 5G data, calls and SMS to local and international numbers. Such offering not only ensures ultra-fast connectivity, but also provides peace of mind against bill shocks from additional usage,” added Robert Runza, Director of Business Development at Melita Limited.

Fabio Muscat, Chief Executive Officer at OZO Group, said, “Since our inception in 1996, OZO Group has continued to grow exponentially. As the scale and complexity of our operations grow it’s vital that we have communications and connectivity services which we can rely on. The fact that Melita Business can provide both 5G mobile services and 1,000Mbps fixed internet nationwide in addition to customised office telephony requirements is a clear plus for us. This coupled with dedicated customer support has made Melita Business the obvious choice for OZO Group.”

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