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Melita employees donate bonus to Hospice Malta

Tuesday, July 21, 2020 by Melita

Melita employees donate bonus to Hospice Malta

Last month, a number of Melita employees received a financial bonus as a thank you for their efforts and their excellent work during the Covid-19 crisis.  “Times were hard for all of us, explained Harald Rösch, Melita’s CEO, but our front-liners had it the toughest, because the nature of their job required them to keep meeting people whilst taking all the necessary precautions.  As a small gesture of appreciation, the company rewarded these employees with a bonus of €125 each.”

Julian Fenech, Joe Abdilla, Fabian Cassar, Mike Mifsud and Darren Sciberras felt compelled to donate their bonus to Hospice Malta. Whilst all have different stories to tell, they have one thing in common – all of them feel very strongly about the amazing work done by Hospice Malta.

“The decision to donate my bonus to the Hospice Malta came very naturally to me. My family experienced first-hand what Hospice Malta do to assist families passing through cancer. During both my parents’ ordeal, their support was priceless. Thanks to another colleague here at Melita, I also participated in the Alive Challenge that helped raise funds for cancer research. The feeling of giving and not expecting anything back is indescribable. I will always encourage others to do so.” Julian Fenech (Melita Line Tech)

“In July 2009 I had three grown up kids and a 5-year-old daughter. That’s when my 41-year-old wife was diagnosed with grade II aggressive cancer. We went through a very very bad time, but Hospice Malta was always there to help us out with whatever care and support we needed. Thankfully, God spared us and my wife pulled through with chemo and radiation. As terrible as it was Hospice’s continuous and unrelenting support made it a 100% more bearable to get through.  Not many years later, in October 2014, my 82-year-old mother was diagnosed with a terminal illness. Once again Hospice Malta cared for all our needs, providing her with a personal carer, a personal nurse and regular personal doctor’s visits. My mother passed in January 2015, with the Hospice’s doctor at her side. The respect and support that Hospice Malta provide is unmatched, and they deserve all the help they can get. So, yes, we chose to donate the €125 Covid-19 bonus to these unsung heroes. God bless them always.” Joe Abdilla (Customer Service Technician)

I decided to donate the whole amount to Hospice Malta because I wanted to help people in need. I am convinced that Hospice do their very best to help families that are passing through serious illnesses. Moreover, this year we all had to face this new disease, Covid-19, which was unexpected everywhere around the world. I therefore decided to help Hospice Malta to continue with their great work during this pandemic. This was also possible thanks to the support of my employer, Melita and my work colleagues.” Fabian Cassar (Line Technician)



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