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Melita first in Malta with 5G-ready mobile network

Wednesday, November 28, 2018 by Melita

Melita first in Malta with 5G-ready mobile network

Melita has partnered with Ericsson to roll-out the most advanced mobile network in Malta. This 5G-ready mobile network already covers 85% of the Maltese Islands, with full coverage being achieved by end 2018. As the first operator in Europe to complete a nationwide 5G-ready network, Melita customers will, in fact, now be using the newest and most advance mobile network in Europe.

Presently, customers who are subscribed to Melita, and have 4.5G capable devices, have already automatically started benefiting from this brand new mobile network at no additional cost. As the network is further optimized to achieve its full potential in terms of speed, reliability and capacity, some customers may temporarily experience fluctuations in connectivity, after which speeds will improve significantly. Any such instances, which never last longer than a few hours, will help further ensure the long term performance of the network.

The completion of this Ericsson network also ensures that once 5G devices become available and the process of allocating spectrum is completed, Melita mobile customers will immediately be able to enjoy the full benefits of 5G. These include vastly increased speeds, data transfer capacity and lower latency, leading to a huge change in how we make use of technology, with the first 5G-ready smartphones being launched in 2019.

“Over the past two years, Melita has dedicated itself to deliver the best possible customer satisfaction. As part of this strategy, we have also built the most powerful network in Europe. This includes the launch of gigabit home internet – GigaPower – which is now available to more than 75% of homes in Malta and will be available nationwide in the first quarter of next year. As promised last May, in just six months, we have also built our nationwide 5G-ready mobile network,” explained Melita CEO, Harald Roesch.

Mario Bacchini, Head of Ericsson Malta said: “Malta has always been at the forefront of digital technology. The partnership between Melita and Ericsson continues this proud forward-thinking approach. As a result, today Malta is the only country that has a nationwide 5G-ready mobile network.”

Melita’s new mobile network also ensures that Malta and Gozo will be entirely covered with LTE-M and NB-IoT, the best connectivity technologies for the Internet of things.

At the beginning of 2019 Malta will be at the forefront of technology in Europe, enjoying nationwide coverage with a gigabit fixed network and last generation, 5G-ready mobile network including full coverage for IoT with LTE-M and NB-IoT.



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