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Melita gets a brand refresh

Thursday, June 08, 2017 by Melita

As Melita prepares to celebrate 25 years of providing customers in Malta with telecommunication services, the company has embarked on a process of refreshing the relationship with its customers. Melita is unveiling a refreshed brand identity and values which will guide the company on a journey towards the future of communication, with all its customers.


This change in identity follows a series of other changes, all having the same objective, to better serve Melita customers. A number of service improvements have already been implemented to improve customer care and experience and more efforts are underway to improve even further.

  • Melita has raised the bar for its customer service by introducing four Customer Service Promises
  • Melita has the shortest call waiting times in Malta to reach its customer care centre by telephone with an average of 30 seconds in the last 6 months
  • Melita is the only operator to publish its call centre waiting times online
  • Melita Flexi is the first “Build Your Own” bundle in Malta giving customers full control to choose what is important for them
  • New internet modems are being supplied to homes and offices to provide a better WiFi experience
  • Melita NexTV, a new TV service with advanced features, is now available with Flexi. Subscribers can watch programmes they missed in the past week, or restart a programme from the beginning on TV, computer, tablet or smartphone.

“We’re not just changing our skin. Over the past months, we have worked very hard to improve the service and experience we provide to our customers. Some results, like our call centre waiting time, are already amongst the best in Malta. There will be more news in the next weeks about how Melita is transforming itself into Malta’s best telecom provider both for product and customer experience. At the same time, we look forward to our potential merger with Vodafone,” said Harald Roesch, Chief Executive Officer at Melita.

The new Melita is a forward-thinking brand, ready to bring the future to Malta. Training programs are underway to align all staff members to the new brand values in line with the objective of becoming the most approachable telecom company in Malta and better listeners. Honesty is key and Melita is working hard to deliver a customer experience that is second to none and as pleasant as possible.