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Melita invests over €150 million in its infrastructure to satiate demand to be constantly connected

Monday, January 30, 2023 by Melita

Melita invests over €150 million in its infrastructure to satiate demand to be constantly connected

Melita Limited has invested over €150 million in its network and technology infrastructure during these recent years to cater for the continuous increase in demand for connectivity and to satisfy customer expectations for faster downloads and seamless streaming.

This investment continued in the past months, as Melita focused on enhancing the quality and capacity of its local and international internet infrastructure by deploying state-of-the art, 100G capable, Cisco-powered equipment and circuits in Malta and in Melita’s hubs in Pozzallo, Catania and Milan.

These improvements to Melita’s internet backbone capacity allow for continued growth and augmented connectivity, allowing it to continue to maintain its leadership in the provision of local internet and other connectivity services.

Melita CEO Harald Roesch said that with internet usage always on the increase, it was of utmost importance to plan ahead to ensure the internet infrastructure could handle the increase in traffic.

Malta ranks first in the latest EU report of the Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI) when considering the coverage of very high capacity networks, with Melita offering 1,000Mbps nationwide. This has undoubtedly increased the appetite for ultrafast broadband.

Together with increasing its overall capacity, Melita has diversified its peering strategy even further, which in turn improves resiliency and reduces impact when one of its suppliers is disrupted. In addition to improving service continuity, this helps to improve on an ever more seamless experience for its customers..

“As businesses grow and remote working is here to stay, we want to ensure we’re well prepared to accommodate a future increase in load,” Mr Roesch said.



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