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Melita joins EU initiative to offer low-cost calls for Ukraine

Tuesday, February 14, 2023 by Melita

Melita joins EU initiative to offer low-cost calls for Ukraine

Melita Limited is one of 20 European telco operators to join an important EU initiative, spearheaded by the EU Commission,  to enable affordable calls between Member States and Ukraine after experiencing a huge increase on its network in roamers from the war-torn country.

The voluntary measures taken jointly by the EU and Ukrainian operators allow over four million refugees to have affordable access to connectivity as they seek shelter in the EU. It allows for roaming without surcharges and affordable international calls.

Melita is the only Malta-based operator to join this EU initiative.

This is not the first support Melita Limited has offered to Ukraine, following the invasion, Melita manually refunded charges for calls, SMS and data usage between Malta and Ukraine. Other support included providing SIM cards and free mobile credit to refugees arriving in Malta from Ukraine and funding humanitarian supplies.

In 2022 mobile data usage of Ukrainian mobile customers roaming in Malta on the Melita network increased exponentially by 310 per cent over the previous year. Outgoing calls increased by 32 per cent and SMS use by 121 per cent.

The biggest increase, 80 per cent, was seen in March last year compared with pre-war figures and increased by 15 per cent a month over the following three months before settling to five per cent average monthly growth.  

Melita CEO Harald Roesch said: “We’re proud to be able to contribute to this important cause, along with big telco players in Europe, and are fully committed to provide our continued support to those in need.”

Melita will offer wholesale roaming rates applicable to members of the European Union and Ukrainian operators have agreed to transfer the reduction in charges to the end user by charging lower rates.

Seven Ukrainian and twenty European operators signed the Joint Statement. The Joint Statement remains open to all operators willing to sign in an expression of solidarity with the people of Ukraine.