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Melita revamps its online help centre

Thursday, August 06, 2020 by Melita

Melita revamps its online help centre

Melita Limited has revamped its online help centre at to deliver an improved, more intuitive experience which gives customers the opportunity both to learn more about products and services as well as troubleshoot.

Easily accessible from all devices, the new online help centre also features relevant multimedia content to guide customers easily through the information they need.

Graziella Costa, Head of Customer Experience at Melita said: “As customers continue to make ever greater use of digital channels to access information and support, Melita has also continued to invest in its online help centre. Not only have we made the platform more intuitive, but we have also made use of a lot of video to help customers better understand the information and making it easier for them to follow step-by-step instructions. The platform is fully integrated into our website to ensure all the information and support customers need can be very easily found in one place.”

The platform has been programmed to intelligently place the current most popular questions on the top of the list. This type of sorting also takes place within each category page as well, to ensure the content is always the most relevant and helpful.

In the coming weeks Melita will continue to improve its online help centre based on customer feedback. In fact, customers will be able to provide instant feedback on the usefulness of content which they have just read or viewed.

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