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Melita’s German IoT focussed subsidiary signs up key clients

Tuesday, April 20, 2021 by Melita

Melita’s German IoT focussed subsidiary signs up key clients

MIOT ( Technology GmbH), Melita Limited’s Internet of Things (IoT) focused German subsidiary, has acquired its first key clients. Following its establishment in 2020, MIOT has now signed up with one of the most valuable companies on the German Stock Exchange, which manages more than 100,000 apartments across Germany. MIOT has also concluded an agreement with a leading energy services company and is currently conducting a trial of its services with a subsidiary of a leading global technology and services company.

These new agreements highlight the range of IoT services which MIOT’s network can be adapted to, across different sectors. For example, MIOT’s SIM cards are helping the housing provider to better monitor heating installations in their buildings and fulfil their mission of ensuring these buildings are sustainable. Meanwhile, the leading energy services company has installed MIOT’s SIM cards in charging stations for electrical cars and intends to connect a large number of metering stations to monitor electricity consumption.

Harald Roesch, CEO at Melita Limited and Executive Chairperson at MIOT, said, “For a recently launched company such as MIOT, the span of these significant clients highlights the potential of our IoT connectivity services to become an important part of our business both in Malta and internationally. IoT can make all of our lives easier by enabling smart technologies, whilst increasing sustainability through reducing unnecessary consumption of energy, water and other materials.”

In Malta, Melita also offers IoT connectivity through its nationwide NB-IoT network.  In Germany MIOT is installing its own antennas to provide seamless national connectivity through a LoRaWAN network, independent from regional cellular networks. MIOT has also become a member of the international LoRa Alliance, wherein through the relationship with other operators, it seeks to enhance the operability across countries.

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