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Say ‘Goodbye’ to data limits with Melita Mobile plans

Thursday, June 11, 2020 by Charles Karakas

Say ‘Goodbye’ to data limits with Melita Mobile plans

Do data limits drag you down?

Were you ever caught out, away from a wi-fi connection and unable to check out Facebook or upload a great photo on Instagram?

Well, with Melita’s new post-paid mobile plans, going over is now over!

Say ‘goodbye’ to data limits and ‘hello’ to endless surfing. Staying connected with Melita is easier than ever – all you need to do is choose which mobile data speed plan is right for you. The world runs on data these days, and making sure you have enough to get the most out of your phone, while not paying for more than what you need, is just another benefit for all Melita customers to enjoy.

Almost everyone needs a data plan these days. Whatever your walk of life, whether you are out and about at a coffee shop, or making sure you’re keeping in close contact with family and friends both locally and abroad – having an unlimited data plan ensures that you can do all this whilst being anywhere at any time. Melita has come up with a choice of three fantastic plans: Surfer, Streamer or Racer.

With each plan you are free to browse, stream music, watch videos, surf social media and access maps till your heart’s content. Melita enables you to stay connected, all day, everyday. The only choice you need to make is how fast your plan needs to be. All of our plans operate on the latest technology 4.5G network and come with a slew of benefits and perks. Let’s take a quick look at the plan on offer and perks of each one:

1. Surfer

melita surfer mobile plan

With the Surfer plan you get a speed of 4 Mbps to browse, stream and surf as much as you want. This plan covers all the basics, which makes it perfect for those people who use their phone primarily for email and social media. You get to surf the web, use social media, live maps and stream music. So whether browsing through Facebook, tuning in to Spotify or shooting off a quick email, the Surfer plan allows you to do all this without worrying about going over your limit.

In addition to the data, this plan also gives you endless calls and SMS to all local numbers and a whopping 21 GB to use whilst roaming in the EU. Like all Melita customers, your get free access to Melita Wi-Fi hotspots all over the Maltese Islands.

2. Streamer

melita streamer mobile plan

With the Streamer plan you get all the basics and more at a speed of 20 Mbps. Included with the basics, you get to watch HD Video, Video Chat and Live Stream seamlessly. It’s perfect for those of us who love to take their entertainment such as music, podcasts and videos on the go. Streaming every day for a month can eat into your data allowance in no time – that’s where the Streamer plan steps in to save the day. Never again will you get stuck in a boring waiting room without anything to do, listen to or watch.

Streamer’s offline benefits also step up the game with endless calls and SMS to all local numbers and an array of international countries too. Streamer also outdoes the Surfer plan by bringing 24 GB to the table to use while roaming.

3. Racer

melita racer mobile plan

The Racer plan gives you even more. Melita’s fastest plan enables you to do all that you want at blistering speed from your smartphone. This is the plan for users who want a no-compromise data experience. It supercharges the previous two plans by enabling you to browse, stream, watch and navigate. All in with the fastest speed, highest resolution and best quality that our networks provide. This plan is perfect for serious gamers, content creators or streamers.

The Racer plan also unlocks your phone’s full potential for dedicated gaming and media-heavy activities. Whether you’re a business professional, or want to be the star in the latest multiplayer game, Melita’s Racer will unlock your full potential. It also allows you to use up to 34 GB of data while roaming.

So which plan is right for you? Get in touch with our customer service team to find out!

Charles Karakas

Charles Karakas

Mobile Marketing Manager