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Skills’ shortage main challenge facing Malta’s HR profession

Monday, April 17, 2023 by Melita

Skills’ shortage main challenge facing Malta’s HR profession

Finding the right talent and necessary skills is one of the biggest challenges facing business operations in Malta, according to FHRD board member Stephanie Cacopardo.

Malta’s severe shortage of skills has been repeatedly brought to the fore with Malta’s new employment policy and the Central Bank of Malta both highlighting the urgent need to up-skill and re-skill the Maltese workforce.

Ms Cacopardo, Melita Limited’s HR Manager, forms part of the Foundation for Human Resources Development’s (FHRD) new board of administrators, which was chosen during the recent biennial general meeting.

She is looking forward to engaging in constructive dialogue on such pressing issues that impact the operations of diverse businesses.

“The island’s shortage of skills, coupled with a relatively low unemployment rate, cumbersome work permits and visa issues, as well as lengthy waits for approval all impact business continuity. This in turn has a ripple effect on remaining employees’ motivation, retention and overall experience,” Ms Cacopardo said.

Set up in 1990, FHRD works to spearhead the evolution of people management and development practices, as well as the human resources profession in Malta.

The HR profession is facing new realities such as remote working, differences in employee interactions, and new payroll/tax implications brought about by the pandemic.

“I look forward to addressing these challenges with the formidable team of the FHRD board and am thrilled to form part of a foundation that is fundamentally centred on individuals,” Ms Cacopardo said.