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Smart mobile plans for young people

Thursday, October 12, 2023 by Melita

Smart mobile plans for young people

Stretching your money while studying always requires some creative thinking, but apart from dropping the latte habit, securing an attractive mobile phone plan is a good first step.

Mindful of this, Melita Limited has just rolled out packages tailored for students and young people that offer endless value and all the data ever needed to remain connected, stream music, browse the web and download essential files.

The new youth plan is offering young people under 29 years of age the opportunity to secure not just endless data, but also unlimited calls and SMS to all local fixed and mobile numbers from Malta, the EU and the UK for just €19.99.

Kevin Borg, Chief Commercial Officer at Melita, said: “We all look out for a good deal and with the academic year just starting we wanted to offer young people a plan where they can get on with life without the worry of running out of mobile data.”

The Endless Value Youth Plan, available from any Melita outlet or by contacting Melita. For those who live life online, regardless of age, Melita also has a plan with endless mobile data for €9.99 per month for six months, then €19.99.



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