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Stay safe! How you – and the power of AI – can beat phishing, hacking and malware.

Friday, December 17, 2021 by Melita

Stay safe! How you – and the power of AI – can beat phishing, hacking and malware.

It is a sad fact that, the more we are online and browsing on the internet, the more we are exposed to the risks of hackers, scammers, and cyber criminals. One of the most common risks is hishing: the attempt to obtain sensitive information from a user such as usernames, passwords, banking information, etc, for malicious purposes.

So how can phishing and hacking, become a thing of the past? How can you rest assured that your information is safe while you’re happily browsing the internet?

That’s where our Umbrella cyber security service comes in, giving you a safer browsing experience at home. There is no software to install and no licenses to buy and it will work on all devices connected to your home internet or WiFi.

How does Umbrella cyber security service work?

Have you ever wondered whether an email is malicious or real? Have you ever debated whether you should open an attachment or if all hell will break loose if you do? With Umbrella, If you mistakenly click on a link that is identified as suspicious, the connection will not go through and you will be notified, immediately, of the potential risk.

Umbrella will protect against phishing attacks and malware (malicious software which can infect your devices). Apart from offering the ultimate protection, if any of your devices are compromised, Umbrella will prevent them from communicating with hackers’ command and control servers while also helping to identify potentially infected devices on your network.

So how does it do it? Umbrella is a cloud-based system which it scans for threats at the network level. When you’re connected to the internet from your home, on any device, all links that you click will be checked instantaneously which means that any requests to malicious websites will be blocked before a connection is made.

What are the benefits of Umbrella?

Apart from the obvious benefits that Umbrella of protecting you from phishing and malicious attacks, Umbrella offers additional benefits including:

No impact on latency or browsing

Umbrella scanning is done at a network level – not on a personal level – so your browsing will not be affected. All while respecting your privacy since no personal data is stored. Umbrella will only prevent browsing on sites which are malicious, or which are suspected to be malicious.

No software to install

Getting started with Umbrella is easy. There is no hardware to install and no software to update. Umbrella is cloud based and all devices connected to your home internet or WiFi can benefit from this added layer of cyber security.

Predictive protection

Apart from stopping malicious attacks when they happen, our Umbrella cyber security system employs predictive protection, meaning that it uses internet activity patterns to identify attacks before they happen.

Are you ready to benefit from added security and peace of mind? Contact us for more information about our Umbrella cyber security service.