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Tech companies should mainstream concept of flexibility

Friday, May 05, 2023 by Melita

Tech companies should mainstream concept of flexibility

Tech companies should ensure that remote working remains an integral part of the job package to encourage more women to choose a career in the industry, according to a software development analyst.

Sarah Micallef, who is Java Development Team Lead at Melita Limited, is urging tech companies to help break down gender barriers and make the industry more appealing for a broader range of people.

“The idea of working from home has become more common after the pandemic, but I still feel that companies should mainstream this idea of flexibility even more so that it becomes a natural option for both men and women,” Ms Micallef said.

Ms Micallef was speaking during a recent webinar on Women in Tech & Innovation organised by Castille, Specialist Talent, to address the important role women play in the tech industry and the challenges they face.

The topics covered ranged from the gender gap in tech, to the benefits of diversity in the workplace, and strategies for creating a more inclusive and equitable industry.

“As a working mother of a three-year-old, the misconceptions that parenthood is the responsibility of women is still alive and well. Flexibility will allow careers to flourish and usually requires only a laptop and possibly a pair of headphones to enable employees to work from anywhere,” Ms Micallef said.  “I have this kind of flexibility, I had discussed the issues I was having with my manager who agreed to this without hesitation.”

“The words of encouragement I would give to other women”, she continued, “is to speak your thoughts and opinions, and come up with ideas, even if they are drastically different from the those of the others – this is the benefit of diversity.”



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