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Technology solutions just a click away with

Monday, March 06, 2023 by Melita

Technology solutions just a click away with

Melita Business has set up a new partner ecosystem through making it easier for individuals and businesses to find suppliers and solutions for the installation or monitoring of intelligent devices ranging from apps notifying motorists of available parking spaces to monitoring energy consumption in real time.

Harald Roesch, Melita Ltd CEO, said: “ recognises that connectivity solutions and specialists in each field or industry are endless, so our partner ecosystem brings every component necessary to build a complete solution, whether they need application developers, system integrators or hardware manufacturers, is the Internet of Things and M2M specialist brand of Melita Business, focusing on connectivity within Europe and beyond using mobile and LoRaWAN technologies.  

The enhanced partner ecosystem will be of invaluable assistance to businesses in a range of sectors and industries including smart industries, smart cities, agriculture, building management systems, offices, metering, logistics, waste and management.

Partners bring with them expertise in highly specialised fields whether it is deep understanding of water metering or the collection and disposal of municipality waste.

Some of the most recent projects involved partnering with IoT Solutions Malta to provide a city with integrated smart parking devices directing drivers to available parking spaces via a specialised mobile app.  

With M2M Germany, addressed the monitoring of energy consumption at various industrial plants in Germany along with tracking the status of emergency doors, windows and general access doors to support facility management.

These solutions provide added visibility to management and improved customer experience along with significant cost benefits when compared with traditional or manual solutions.

For more information on available partners or solutions visit or to join the partner ecosystem visit