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The benefits of a flexi-bundle over standard packages

Monday, March 09, 2020 by Simon Poljšak

The benefits of a flexi-bundle over standard packages

Everyone loves to mix and match and that’s exactly what you can do with Melita’s Flexi Bundle.  You can choose exactly what is important to you – fast internet, unlimited calls from a landline, all the TV stations and add in a mobile as well.

The Flexi Bundle for residential use starts at €22.99 a month. This includes a discount of up to €40 on the first two months if you buy a new Flexi Bundle on-line. There are four different levels of internet use, depending on how much you need to use it.  You have the choice of 250 Mbps, 500 Mbps, 1,000 Mbps Giga Power or 1,000 Mbps with StellarWiFi.  With all these packages you can enjoy unlimited downloads and 10GB of MelitaWiFi. 

If you like to chat on the phone when at home, then the Telephone Fixed Line package gives you calls to local fixed line at €0.05 per minute, to local mobiles at €0.23 per minute and calls abroad at €0.10 per minute; if you often phone local land lines, then Fixed Unlimited is for you, giving you unlimited calls to all local fixed numbers; or if you are real chatterbox, then Fixed & Mobile Unlimited will give you all the minutes you’ll ever want. For an extra €3.00 a month, you’ll have 100 minutes to the EU, Australia, Canada, USA and China, or 500 minutes for an extra €10.00.

Include your mobile for as little as €10 a month more.

There are six different plans – the Flexi Surfer, Flexi Streamer and Flexi Racer plans; the Flow 1 and Flow 3 plans and the Top-Up plan. If you’re an ordinary sort of user wanting to browse, email and listen to music, then the Flexi Surfer is for you;  take the Streamer plan if you are into streaming live events, watching videos in HD and like video calling or go for the Flexi Racer plan if you are seriously into gaming, 4K video and Virtual Reality.  All these three plans include endless mobile data (no more worrying about running out of data before the end of the month), plus unlimited calls and SMS to all local numbers and all EU and local numbers while roaming in the EU.

The Flow1 Mobile Plan is the cheapest option out of the six, giving you unlimited SMS to all local numbers, unlimited free calls to all Melita numbers when in Malta or Gozo and then the option to choose between minutes called to other networks and data used. If you are online on your phone more than using it to chat, then you’ll automatically get more data and fewer minutes. If you’re the talkative type, it’ll be the other way round with more call minutes and less GB of mobile data. Heavier users should choose the Flow3 plan, which gives you three times as much data or minutes. With both plans you get 20Gb of Wi-Fi in Malta and Gozo and you can also top up if you run out of either minutes or data. Or if you only use your mobile occasionally, you could just choose the Top-Up plan, giving you 100 minutes to all Melita numbers for just an extra €1.00 a month.

The TV Starter NexTV package gives you the ability to play, pause and record; use the search and recommendation feature plus the 7-day catchup; choose your favourite film from OnDemand Movies and use the Melita NexTV app.  It includes 20 channels of which four are in HD. Next up is the TV90+ package giving you 90 plus channels including 24 in HD. The top package is TV140 – with over 140 channels to choose from, including 36 in HD, which costs an extra €5.00 per month.

Other extras you can add, if they are not already included in your bundle is a Static IP address, which can be very useful for gaming, web hosting or VOIP services and Stellar WiFi, both for an extra €5.00 a month each. You can increase your TV recording hours for €1.00 per month, add Melita Premium Sports for €5.00 per month or add in an additional TV.

Overall, Melita’s Flexi Bundles have two great advantages.  They offer you and your business far better value than a standard package and you can alter, add or subtract services as and when you want. How flexible is that?

Simon Poljšak

Simon Poljšak

Product Manager – Television, Internet and Telephony