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The Indispensable Value of 1000Mbps Connectivity

Monday, June 12, 2023 by Simon Poljsak

The Indispensable Value of 1000Mbps Connectivity

It’s amazing to look back in time and see the incredible change in Internet speeds over the years. In the 1980s we saw dial up connections at 56 Kbps, and a single GB of data took 60 hours to download. Fast forward to the 2000s and the arrival of 4 Mbps minimum broadband speeds, and 1 GB of data was still taking over an hour. By 2017, at 100 Mbps speed, the same GB could be downloaded in 2 minutes. Now, with blazingly fast 1000 Mbps service, the benchmark 1 GB takes only 9 seconds. Nielsen’s law of Internet bandwidth said that high-speed Internet speed would grow by 50% per year; the prediction came true.

When you have ultra-fast 1000 Mbps service, it opens up a world of possibilities. This level of service gives everyone in a busy household high speed, almost-instant access to all their favourite movies, TV shows and music. Family members can be on video calls, enjoying gaming or even doing remote work, and there won’t be any delays or bottleneck.

What Is 1000Mbps Internet Speed?

Mbps, or megabits per second, are used to measure throughput and bandwidth on a network. A bit is a 0 or a 1 in the binary language, and each Mbps gives you the capability to move 1 million bits per second. It’s helpful to think of a million bits as about the size of a small JPEG photo.

Let’s take a look at a comparison of 100 vs. 500 vs. 1000 Mbps speeds. At 100 Mbps, you can download a 5 GB movie in 1.43 minutes, or 86 seconds. The same movie download would take you 18 seconds if you are on a 500 Mbps plan. If you have a 1000 Mbps connection, you’ll be able to download the 5 GB movie in a lightning fast 9 seconds.

Faster Downloads and Uploads

So what can you expect when it comes to download and upload speeds? High definition 1080p videos would take only seconds to load, and an entire HD album of music at 500MB would be there in 5 seconds. You would even be able to download an app like Adobe Photoshop in 7 seconds.

Uploading speeds will be rocket fast also. When you want to share files or social media video posts, you’ll be able to do that in the blink of an eye. 1 Gbps service will also let your household have multiple simultaneous video calls, and support all the remote work you need to do in the cloud.

Seamless Video Streaming

There’s nothing worse than the feeling of looking forward to streaming your favourite show or movie, only to be left looking at that dreaded buffering “loading” circle. With the power of 1000 Mbps service, you’ll enjoy a buffer-free streaming experience and everyone in your household that’s streaming will be doing so too.

You’ll also find the quality of your entertainment is vastly improved with this level of ultra-fast service. Instead of having to choose lower quality settings for video or audio, everyone in your home will be able to access high-quality audio and video, without any interruptions.

Improved Online Gaming

If you have lower speed service, you could run into delays and bottlenecks when you are ready to fire up your online gaming. With 1 Gbps speeds, you’ll be able to jump into your massively multiplayer online game even when there are a lot of other devices and activities going on in your home.

1000 Mbps connections give you lower latency for your real-time gaming. Latency is basically the delay that occurs between your request to access content, and seeing it on the screen. This lightning-fast speed will also help eliminate lag, and greatly enhance your multiplayer gaming experiences. 

Improved Online Gaming

Enhanced Remote Work and Collaboration

When you are working remotely, you still have a tremendous amount of project work and tasks on your plate. With 1000 Mbps service, you’ll be super-efficient and will be able to move from Zoom calls and online meetings to fast file sharing and high-speed cloud access effortlessly.

Being able to respond, with no screen or time delay, to whatever customers and co-workers need is also a huge plus when you are working from home. You’ll be able to quickly upload big files for your project teams, and have crystal clear, fast video interactions with all of your clients and customers.

Support for Multiple Connected Devices

Support for Multiple Connected Devices

If you have multiple family members online at the same time, you’ll need the bandwidth to support all of them simultaneously. It’s important to remember that the speed of your service is what is delivered to your home, but from there your router shares slices of that speed with all of the connected devices.

When you opt for 1 Gbps access, you’ll be assured that your connection can handle any mix of gaming, downloads, video calls and file downloading that might be happening. Everyone can also enjoy ultra-high-definition content without worrying about bottlenecks slowdowns.

Efficient Online Learning

During the pandemic, many homes suddenly had to accommodate multiple classrooms when online learning became the norm. If you had a slower connection speed, you probably had to deal with delays, interrupted videos and more.

With a 1000 Mbps connection, you’ll have lightning fast access to videos, research, lectures and classes. All the information and resources you need for academic success will be instantly available so no more missing out.

Increased Household Efficiency

Today’s homes are becoming increasingly “smart”and are full of a wide-variety of devices that need Internet bandwidth. While some devices are there for convenience, others are there to keep your home and your family safe. 

You’ll want to make sure you have instant, high-speed access to your security systems when you need it most. With 1000 Mbps service, you’ll be able to easily support the ever-expanding number of smart home remote-control devices and handle full scale IoT automation and integration too. 

1000 Mbps Internet: Final Thoughts

1000 Mbps Internet gives you the speed and power you need to fully support every possible online activity. You’ll get the best quality video streaming, near instant movie and music downloading and the ability to professionally handle any remote working assignments.

You’ll get blazing fast speed, which will make using the Internet and watching your movies and shows a total joy. Best of all, 1000 Mbps service is incredibly affordable. You could get places with basic transportation, like a Yugo, but why do that when you can arrive in style in an affordable, but oh-so-stunning, high-speed Internet version of a Ferrari? 

Simon Poljsak

Simon Poljsak

Senior Manager - Fixed Services & TV Business development