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Today we meet Klinsmann Grima – Revenue Assurance & Fraud Manager at Melita

Tuesday, January 26, 2021 by Klinsmann Grima

Today we meet Klinsmann Grima – Revenue Assurance & Fraud Manager at Melita

Klinsmann Grima – Revenue Assurance & Fraud Manager

Time on Earth – 31 years Old

Time at Melita – Over 12 years

Relationship Status : In a relationship, father of a baby girl

Within my role as Revenue Assurance and Fraud Manager, I am responsible for the monitoring, detection and mitigation of any revenue leakages, along with implementing procedures for detecting fraudulent activities across the organisation.

I first joined the company in 2008, as a Customer Service Representative, and that was my very first full-time job. I vividly recall my first day when I had met a lot of familiar faces which I knew from college.

After two years, I moved on to become a Technical Contact Centre Agent, where I formed part of a group of 12 agents. We were responsible of handling advanced technical issues for our customers. In 2012, I was promoted to a Call Centre Supervisor, overseeing the same technical team I previously formed part of.

I spent 8 years of my career at Melita as part of the Call Centre team. Here, I had the opportunity to learn about different business processes, interact with team members from different departments and deal directly with customers. I still consider most of my colleagues who I worked with within this unit as best of friends.

Following my time at the Call Centre, I felt the need for a new challenge and a change in my career path, but I was sure I still wanted to work within Melita and that is when my journey with the Revenue Assurance & Fraud unit began. I first took on the role of Executive and in 2018, I was appointed department manager.

Melita is a very structured company. When I wanted to change my line of work, I found a lot of assistance for me to do so. The company is very team-oriented. We are challenged each and every day – this is inevitable considering the dynamic and competitive industry we operate in. But all team members use their energy to pull one rope and achieve our goals as one team. That is what makes it successful.

I hold a lot of fond memories of my time here. One which comes to mind is the Melita Mobile launch back in 2009. At the time, I was working within the Call Centre. We spent weeks upon weeks testing the product, day and night. Today, the mobile service is a core product of Melita’s portfolio, but at the time, it was completely new. Everyone was enthusiastic to see what it will lead to.

Melita organises a lot of team-building activities for its employees. One which I remember very vividly was a game similar to the TV series “Amazing Race” – one minute we were abseiling, then having ice-cream whilst dancing with a complete stranger in a shopping mall. At the time, I was part of the organising team. The event went down very well, and the following year, I had the opportunity to participate in this same event.

The company does its best to promote a healthy work-life balance. I work hard to be pro-active and plan my time well, but during challenging times, it is not always easy to achieve. I am very lucky to be surrounded by team members who rise up to the challenge and who I can truly depend on to do a good job.

The past 12 years working at Melita has truly been a journey – one which has been both nurturing and fun. Melita creates a welcoming environment for all its employees, where everyone is able to utilize their own strengths whilst supporting employee growth and development, whatever the role may be. This is what I believe sets us apart from the competition.

Klinsmann Grima

Klinsmann Grima

Revenue Assurance & Fraud Manager