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Today we meet Yanika Fenech – Contact Centre Manager at Melita

Monday, December 21, 2020 by Yanika Fenech

Today we meet Yanika Fenech – Contact Centre Manager at Melita

Yanika Fenech – Contact Centre Manager

Time on Earth: 36 years

Years at Melita: 11

Status : In a long-term relationship

At Melita, I am responsible for managing three departments – customer care department, business support and the specialized support. This involves managing the day-to-day operations of each of these areas, which handle customer queries on both digital and voice platforms and any technical and billing inquiries they might have. The aim of my role is to provide the best experience for the customer, ensure efficiency in our dealing with clients and keeping the team happy. Ensuring a work-life balance for our team members is also a priority because their wellbeing is highly linked to their performance.

In the past eleven years, my professional career has developed significantly. Back in 2009, I first joined the company as a Contact Centre Agent, a role I held for 6 years. I then moved on to a Technical Trainer position and took on the role of supervisor within the same contact centre. Eventually, I was promoted to Customer Care Executive and moved on to becoming the manager of the same department that I started in.

Over the years, I have seen Melita developing significantly. There is a solid business structure in place and a clear vision for the company’s objectives and the direction it is taking.  It has become very diverse in terms of services offered as well as well as the team that makes up the company. Melita invests greatly in the well-being of employees and makes sure that there is a good work life-balance across all levels.  From my own experience, I know that managing three departments and a large group of employees is no easy feat and having good time-management skills is a must. However, I am fortunate to work with a brilliant team of reliable, trustworthy people . Working as a team makes it easier for all of us and helps us to reach our goals in a more efficient manner.

I have some fond memories of my time working here, particularly internal activities such as team-building ones, where employees get together as one group.

I think that after 11 years, it is safe to say that Melita is my second family! I love working here because the company provides ample opportunities for employees to develop and suceed in their career.

Yanika Fenech

Yanika Fenech

Contact Centre Manager