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Umbrella from Cisco blocks 12.5 million cyberthreats in one month

Thursday, April 21, 2022 by Melita

Umbrella from Cisco blocks 12.5 million cyberthreats in one month

All over the world, cyberthreats are becoming increasingly widespread and mitigating risks is becoming more and more difficult, the more time people spend online.

With so many of us doing so many things on the internet – from working to banking, from socialising and networking, we are more and more exposed than ever.

Smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktop computers; nothing is safe unless the right protection is applied. Truth is, however, that despite the real dangers of cyber threats, there’s only so much we can do individually to lessen the risk.

Of course, we can make sure to use strong passwords and securely store them. We can be careful not to ever share personal information online, and we can install malware software on all our devices. Perhaps most importantly we should keep ourselves informed and up to date about new cyberthreat schemes and scams.

But even if we do all this, nothing is 100% secure, as an additional line of defence, Melita offers Umbrella from Cisco to all those subscribed to Melita’s home internet. Always working in the background and without any impact on latency, Umbrella from Cisco protects all of Melita’s home internet customers from Malware, Ransomware, and even Phishing attempts. Most of the time Umbrella from Cisco kicks into action before a cyberthreat even reaches a device, and even when a device does get infected, Umbrella interrupts the device’s communication with the hackers, thus protecting other devices and the user’s data.

This added security automatically scans all the links that a user clicks on and if it finds anything malicious about them, blocks them to protect you and your devices.

So how much protection does Umbrella from Cisco offer? Here are some numbers that highlight the enormity of this operation:

Umbrella from Cisco blocks 12.5 million cyberthreats in one month
Umbrella from Cisco blocks 12.5 million cyberthreats in one month

In one single month Umbrella from Cisco protected Melita’s Home Internet Customers from 12.5million malicious requests.

8,449 of these were from top (known) malicious domains and almost half a million came from new malicious domains.

More than a million requests came from cryptomining domains.

The fact of the matter is that online threats will keep rising, and they do not discriminate businesses from individuals. They simply look for a target and take advantage of any vulnerability whenever and wherever they find it.  Some cyberthreats damage data, others steal it and some simply disrupt digital performance in general. They come in various forms, from viruses to data breaches, and whilst data breaches are the most serious, even those which are a nuisance, can be very disruptive.

Cryptomining domains are particularly disruptive because they target a computer’s resources using the system’s central processing unit (CPU) and sometimes graphical processing unit (GPU) to perform complicated mathematical calculations to verify cryptocurrency transactions.  This drastically slows down a device’s response time and performance. In one single month, Cisco Umbrella blocked 1.3million requests to 672 cryptomining domains.

All in all, in just 30 days, Umbrella from Cisco dealt with 14 different types of threats coming from millions of attempts from around the world, and although these numbers can be scary, Melita remains committed to protecting its customers. With Umbrella from Cisco working in the background, the challenge is being met head-on. 

There’s nothing like peace of mind, and this is what you get with Melita’s home internet and Umbrella from Cisco.