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Umbrella from Cisco, Top Protection, Minimum Hassle

Thursday, January 13, 2022 by Melita

Umbrella from Cisco, Top Protection, Minimum Hassle

Hackers, scammers, and other type of cyber criminals thrive on the sheer number of users that are online at one time, and they’ve now become experts in identifying unprotected devices that are the most vulnerable to such attacks. Sadly, the more time we spend online the more we increase our chances of becoming exposed or even falling victim to malicious online threats.  

This is why we’ve recently introduced Umbrella from Cisco, so that every device connected to Melita’s home internet is automatically provided with an extra layer of defence against the ever-increasing number of cyber criminals and cyber-attacks. 

Without having to do anything from your end, any device connected to Melita’s home internet is now protected from browser hijackers, trojans ransomware and phishing attempts.  All these malicious activities aim at accessing, changing, or destroying data. Sometimes they go as far as trying to extort money, but if you’re connected to the internet on Melita’s home internet, Umbrella from Cisco automatically provides a multiple layer of protection ranging from identity theft and loss of data.

The best thing about Umbrella from Cisco is that it protects your devices whilst guaranteeing your privacy and not affecting performance in any way. You’re welcome!



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