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We only make promises we can keep

Thursday, December 19, 2019 by Melita

We only make promises we can keep

We only make promises we can keep

Time flies when you’re working hard and having fun. In fact we can hardly believe that it’s already been three years since we made our four Customer Service Promises; setting ourselves high standards for internet speed and customer care, and the time we take to repair faults and install new equipment.  The last three years have seen lots of changes, awesome achievements and best of all we’re proud to say that we’ve kept all of our four promises, and even exceeded them.

Promise 1 – Home Internet

Our first promise was to give you incredible home internet nationwide, so in 2016 we introduced our Internet Speed Guarantee. This promises that all our internet subscribers will reach the download and upload speeds they are subscribed to when connected to our internet modem via a wired connection.

Click here to run a speed test (remember to connect your modem via an ethernet cable).

If your connection fails to reach the advertised speed repeatedly at different times during the day, please click here to run your own Diagnostic Test to quickly check and solve any issues or contact us through website chat or messenger so we can get you up to speed.

Promise 2 – Customer Care

Our second promise was to answer every call to our call centre within 60 seconds or less.  After that we worked at improving the quality of each and every contact, and then made it easier for you to contact us. Today, you can get in touch by phone, via online chat, on Facebook messenger,  email or by visiting one of our retail shops.

Whenever we serve you, we follow up by asking you how we’re doing. And guess what? According to an independent third party measure, we are handling your queries in such a way that you have given us a customer satisfaction score of 8.9/10.  If we were on or Trip Advisor with that type of score, travellers would be raving and ranting about us when they got back home.

Promise 3 – Install

Our third promise was that if you ever want to add or introduce a Melita service, be it home internet, TV service or an upgrade to our gigabit 1,000 Mbps internet speed, we’ll have it up and running within two working days.

We’ve invested in our infrastructure so that our gigabit network covers all of Malta and Gozo, so if you want world-leading home internet speeds, we’ll get you connected super-fast!

Promise 4 – Repair

Our fourth and final promise says that if for whatever reason one of our services is not working, we aim to have it fixed within a single working day.

Our team of specialised network engineers are dedicated to keep the network running smoothly, but despite everyone’s effort and goodwill, there are days when things still go wrong.