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Why Internet Speed Matters

Wednesday, December 22, 2021 by Melita

Why Internet Speed Matters

Internet speed refers to how much data – or information – can be transferred over your connection to the internet at any given time.

The data is measured in megabits (Mb), the time is measured per second, so internet speed is given in Mbps: megabits per second . Your internet speed matters since it determines what type of activities you can do on the internet, as well as how many devices you can connect all at once. Understanding how you use your internet at home is key when trying to determine which internet speed is right for you.

Having an internet speed that is too slow might conflict with your everyday tasks on the web like streaming videos, playing video games, or uploading files. But why does internet speed really matter?

Easier media sharing

Having a fast internet connection changes the game. Whether you are using social media or any other platform, you will easily be able to share pictures and videos if you have a fast internet speed. Having a fast internet connection will also make viewing content easier since you don’t have to wait for a video to load.

Here at Melita, we have updated our Flexi Bundle product to increase both download and upload speeds to a maximum of 1,200 download and 100 Mbps upload. You can choose from a range of internet speeds: 300 Mbps, 500 Mbps, 1,000 or 1,2000 Internet Fibre Power. Choosing the right internet speed for how you spend your time online  will ensure uninterrupted internet service.

Better remote working experience

Today, working from home has become a more probable possibility. Not having a reliable internet connection can ruin your workday, causing you to fall behind schedule and, possibly, stopping you from having another work-from-home day. Reliable and fast internet speed makes remote working easier, allowing you to focus on your work and not worry about your WiFi connection. You can easily share and download the necessary work files while being more productive with your tasks.

Hassle-free video conferencing

With remote working comes online calls and video conferences. While working from home, you are bound to have a Zoom call to get together and align with your teammates. Unless you have a fast, reliable internet connection you will often suffer from freezing, glitchingor poor connections during calls and video conferences. A fast internet speed will allow you to have better calls with no freezing.

Melita’s Flexi Bundle offers internet, mobile, TV and phone services, starting from €19.99 per month for the first twelve months, up to €49.99 per month for those wanting the highest available internet speeds.

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