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Why Melita NexTV is much more than just TV

Friday, August 14, 2020 by Simon Poljšak

Why Melita NexTV is much more than just TV

Take eye-popping entertainment, add our incredible interactive NexTV decoder plus a topping of premium international sports and you’ve got the best viewing experience in Malta.

Melita NexTV is much more than just TV. In fact, it’s the smartest way to discover and enjoy great entertainment.

Here are seven ways Melita is delivering the best television service in Malta.

100+ interactive channels

Catch-up, pause, rewind, record. Melita NexTV has all this and more. Whatever your mood, we have a channel to watch.  You can even watch two shows at once in split screen.

50+ HD NexTV XL HD channels

Immerse yourself in our world or explore new ones. Melita offers an unparalleled choice of exclusive international channels, including the award-winning BBC Earth HD for Malta’s nature lovers.

Get recording

With Melita NexTV, you can record up to three shows whilst watching a fourth, store 20 hours of recording in the cloud and watch what you want, when you want. Amazing.

Watch across multiple devices

Enjoy Melita NexTV on up to four devices at the same time, TV, laptop, smartphone, computer or tablet. Catch-up, pause, rewind, record. Your devices, your choices.

Movies on demand

Hundreds of films at the flick of a thumb, browse big budget blockbusters, family favourites and cinema classics. Check out the full OnDemand library any time.

Recommended viewing

NexTV suggests programmes based on your favourites, what you’ve been watching, and even what’s popular right now in Malta. You’ll never be stuck for something to watch. Searching for a film or show is as easy as googling.

Lots of balls

Football, rugby, tennis balls – and plenty more too. Melita gives you the best sports coverage in Europe in the best quality HD TV. Watch Premium Sports on TSN or go local on channel 614 with exclusive coverage of Maltese leagues and fixtures across water polo, volleyball and more.

Whichever way you look at it, it all adds up to unequalled entertainment from Melita.

Find out more about Melita NexTV. It’s TV, but not as you know it.

Simon Poljšak

Simon Poljšak

Product Manager – Television, Internet and Telephony