Managing Data Barring While Roaming

When roaming, you may incur charges for your mobile usage. To help you manage these costs, your data usage will automatically be stopped once it reaches €50 in charges.

If you wish to reactivate the data service, simply send an SMS to 16868. It’s important to note that by sending an SMS to 16868, you are taking responsibility for all charges associated with your usage.

In the event that the service is not resumed by sending the SMS, please contact our Support Team for assistance.

Additionally, please be aware that if your usage reaches a cumulative total of €100, the barring will be activated again, leading to the suspension of mobile data services again, one can reactive by sending an SMS to 16868, at this point data will not be stopped again and is at the user’s responsibility.

For information on roaming rates and the countries where these charges apply, please visit the following link: