Things to check before going abroad

If you’re planning a trip abroad and want to use your phone whilst you’re away, you’ll need to make sure that Roaming is enabled on your phone.

Before going abroad, look at what you need to check in the step-by-step guide below.

  • Access Point Name (APN) settings

You’ll need to confirm that the APN selected in your device is that of Melita and not one from another network provider.

You can update the APN settings by selecting your Operating System below:

  • Check your costs and coverage

It’s always good to check the costs and network coverage before you actually visit the foreign country.

Click here to check if the destination you will be visiting is covered by Melita Mobile’s roaming service. If you do not find the destination you are visiting in the drop-down list, then regrettably, no roaming service is available for the time being.

  • Travelling in the EU

If you’re travelling to the EU, you can use your allowance of MinutesTexts and Data, just as you would in Malta subject to fair use limits.

If you don’t have an allowance, or your allowance has run out, you can still use your mobile wherever you are in the EU and pay no more for your MinutesTexts and Data than you would in Malta subject to fair use limits.

  • Travelling outside the EU

If you’re travelling outside the EU, you won’t be able to use your Malta allowances.

If you’ve switched on roaming, you’ll be charged for any calls, texts and data you use when abroad, and your data usage will be charged per Megabyte.

See our Roaming Costs for details on how much you’ll be charged in each country.

  • When you arrive

When you arrive at your destination, switch on your mobile phone and it will automatically select Melita Mobile’s preferred roaming network. This will ensure that you will automatically benefit from the best possible roaming coverage during your stay.