Can I use my old WiFi name and password on the Plume WiFi network?

Using old WiFi name and Password

It is always suggested to choose a new SSID after changing your WiFi network to PlumeWiFi. It is also highly recommended to choose an alternative WiFi password in order to maintain optimal network security.

If you decide to keep your existing SSID and password, be sure to turn off the WiFi on your existing router or modem/router after setting up PlumeWiFi. Keeping your existing WiFi on, can cause frequent disconnects of your devices from PlumeWiFi.

If you need to keep your old WiFi

If you are keeping WiFi on your modem and/or previous router systems on, setting a different SSID becomes crucial for your devices to avoid bouncing between different networks with the same SSID. Along with the additional interference caused, you will lose connectivity whenever your devices switch from PlumeWiFi to the old WiFi network and we strongly suggest you turn off the old WiFi instead.