Are you unable to make outgoing calls in general?

Make sure that your telephone set is connected to the ‘Tel 1’ or ‘1’ port on the modem. This port is located on the opposite side of the lights. If this is already the case proceed to step b.

If you do not hear any announcement when placing outgoing calls, and all calls are unsuccessful, please proceed according to “Does your telephone service not work at all?.

  • If you hear this announcement when placing outgoing calls:
    Your call to the number you are trying to reach is not permitted.

You have to go to a Melita retail outlet to remove any activated barring on your number.

If you hear another announcement, this may be provided by the destination operator, indicating what the problem is. If in doubt please contact us on live chat by clicking the button below and provide the following information:

  • The announcement you are hearing
  • Number/s not reachable and network (when known)
  • Date/s of calls
  • Time/s of calls