Do you have problems with the quality of voice during your calls?

This section also applies to calls getting disconnected.

If you have multiple telephone sets connected to the same modem, and you experience bad voice quality from a subset of these, then there is a problem with such a subset of telephone sets, coming from bad cabling or bad telephone sets.

If bad quality or call disconnections occur only when calling a single number or when being called from a single number, the problem most probably is with the other party.

If bad quality or call disconnections occur with various numbers that you call or get calls from and using all telephone sets you have at home, proceed with step e.

Disconnect all your telephone sets, cables and adapters from the modem. Connect a single telephone set directly to the modem using an RJ11 cable. Connecting a wired telephone set is preferred. Connect to the telephone port of the modem marked with ‘1’ or ‘Tel 1’. The telephone ports are the smaller ports of the modem and are located on the opposite side of the lights. If you use a wireless handset make sure it is sufficiently charged.

Perform a few phone calls to various numbers and check the quality of the calls, and also check for call disconnections. If such issues do not occur, it may be due to the devices/cables you changed or disconnected in step e.

If there are still issues with quality and/or call disconnections please contact us on live chat by clicking the below button.