Steps to help you when you have no TV channels

1. Check your TV and setup

  • Look at the front of your NexTV, the Power light should be green and a 3 digit channel number should be displayed
  • If you are connected through HDMI on your TV remote press or depending on your remote

2. Check your cables

  • Your NexTV should be connected to your TV with an HDMI cable
  • Make sure both ends are connected securely. The best way to do this is to unplug and reconnect each end of the cable
  • If a spare HDMI socket is available on your TV try connecting to that instead
  • If this doesn’t help, try using a spare HDMI cable or try the HDMI cable with a different device

3. Restart your NexTV box

  • Use the power switch on the back to switch off your box
  • Leave it for 15 seconds before switching it back on
  • Turn the box ON again

4. Check the IP connectivity

The TV box requires an active internet connection
To check if your box is getting an internet connection

  • Go to the menu by pressing the OK button
  • Go to My World and select Settings
  • Select the Network option
  • Make sure that the active interface is displayed as Ethernet if connected directly with a cable or Wireless if you are using WiFi
  • Make sure that the Link Status is Active