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How to Choose the Best Mobile Phone Plan for Your Needs

Monday, January 09, 2023 by Charles Karakas

How to Choose the Best Mobile Phone Plan for Your Needs

We all know the convenience of having a mobile phone, but what do you really know about mobile phone plans? Mobile phone plans are contracts between customers and their service provider that allow them to use a mobile device with a certain set of services for an agreed upon fee. Whether it’s making calls, sending text messages, or accessing the Internet, there is an ideal plan out there for everyone. On that note; we’re going to run through some things you need to think about when it comes to choosing the best mobile phone plan for your needs.  

Choosing the Best Mobile Plan for Your Needs 

There are a lot of choices in mobile phone plans, and with all the options and possibilities, things can seem a bit confusing at times. Before jumping into the selection process, it’s helpful to take a step back and review the different options that are available. 

Picking the Right Plan 

A variety of different considerations and personal needs come into play when you are selecting a mobile phone plan. First, there are the general types of plans, which include post-paid, prepaid,and youth plans. The cost of the plan may be key for you, so you’ll want to compare your options there. To get the most of your money and the best speeds, you’ll want to look for nationwide 5G coverage on your new plan.  

If you travel internationally, it’s also helpful to see whether international calling or data is part of (or can be added to) your mobile phone plan.  

It’s also important to verify that you can use your phone as a mobile hotspot, and to find out if the carrier also offers a network of free WiFi hotspots for their customers in Malta. 

Step 0: post-paid or prepaid? 

The first thing you need to do is to decide: can you sign up for a contract and get the better benefits of a post-paid plan or would you prefer to keep it simple and always in full control of your spending? Then possibly a prepaid offer is what you are after. 

Post-Paid Plans 

Melita offers flexible Post-Paid Plans, with key features and benefits that will keep you connected at high speed all month long. Their Endless mobile plans give you unlimited 5G data, SMS and calls as well as MelitaWiFi in Malta. In addition, you get ‘Roam like at home’ calls, SMS and data when you travel in the EU and UK. If you have friends that live abroad you can add international calling, and if you like to travel the world you can get the Endless JetSet package that adds data beyond the UK and EU in almost 70 countries in total, which is more than any other operator in Malta offers you 

Existing Melita fibre Internet customers can even save additional money on the Endless plans. For those wanting incredibly fast access, select the Endless Full Speed plan which features 5G data at top speeds and includes international calling. Postpaid Plans start at €15.49 and top off at €36.49 for the Endless JetSet package with top speed 5G, full data roaming and international calling too. You can also add additional lines at reduced rates. 

Prepaid Plans 

If you are on a budget and prefer to have full control with your spending, when to pay, when to top up, then the flexibility of a Prepaid Plan is what you need. Luckily you can explore several options with Melita’s Pockit Passes. This top up mobile plan lets you choose between 100 minutes and SMS or 200 minutes and SMS, with Endless MelitaWiFi. 

You’ll also be able to select the monthly data allowance that is just right for you, with levels including 250MB, 8GB and 15GB, all at affordable prices. The 250MB plan with 100 minutes and SMS is only €5 per month. With the 8GB plan and 200 minutes and SMS, you’ll pay €10 and with an upgrade to 15GB it will be €15 per month. Endless MelitaWiFi lets you access over 75,000 hotspots across Malta and Gozo keeps you connected even when your GBs has been gone, only offered by Melita 

Youth Plans 

For those under age 29, Djuno by Melita is another great choice that you might consider.
For those under age 29, Djuno by Melita is another great choice that you might consider.

For those under age 29, Djuno by Melita is another great choice that you might consider. This Prepaid Youth Plan gives you 400 local minutes, unlimited local SMS and Endless WiFi at over 75,000 hotspots across Gozo and Malta for 30 days. These are all included in both monthly BigGig bundles, so the only decision you need to make is to choose between the BigGig M or BigGig L options based on how much data you’ll need. 

With BigGig M you’ll receive 5GB of top speed data for only €8 per month. Upgrade to the BigGig L, and you’ll only pay €12 per month for a full 20 GB of top speed data. 

If you would need even more data, or want to go crazy about it, you can simply order in SMS an Endless Data Booster that would give you endless top speed data until midnight for only €2! You can combine the booster with the BigGig by ordering the daily booster when you are off the grid and would need a lot more data, so you can save your BigGigs for other days of the month. 

Consider Whether You Need Unlimited Calls and Data 

When selecting the plan that is right for you, one of the key choices will be whether you need unlimited calls and data. If you make a lot of calls and want the flexibility of not having to limit your call connections, then an Endless plan would be the right choice. 

Similarly, if you want the freedom that unlimited data would bring, you should choose a Post-Paid Endless data plan. With Endless high-speed data, you’ll be able to do anything you want on the plan, and satisfy all your high-speed entertainment needs. 

f you want the freedom that unlimited data would bring, you should choose a Post-Paid Endless data plan.
If you want the freedom that unlimited data would bring, you should choose a Post-Paid Endless data plan.

Consider Whether You Need a New Phone 

If your existing smartphone is a couple of years old, or you need the benefit that new phone technology would bring, you might want to also see about acquiring a new phone. Some of the latest phones offer incredibly improved camera and video technology, which can make a big difference if you are taking high-end photos or creating a lot of well-received videos. 

Melita offers great new phones from the leading manufacturers. If you are on a postpaid plan, you can get a new phone by paying a small amount upfront and then completing the purchase with 24 easy monthly payments at 0% interest – you only pay the price of the handset in small monthly instalments, how great is that? Monthly payments start at as little as €5 per month and you can decide based on your monthly budget to see what can you afford every month as extra. On prepaid plans, you would simply pay for the cost of the phone when you make your purchase that are also very affordable at Melita. 

Charles Karakas

Charles Karakas

Senior Product Manager - Mobile