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Getting internet in Malta

Monday, October 21, 2019 by Melita

Getting internet in Malta

Melita is delighted to announce that it has been awarded the Best Buy Award 2019/2020. It deservedly won the award for offering the best value and best quality broadband, enjoyed by its 105,000 subscribers. This award is great news for all its customers, as they now know – if they didn’t before – that they have made the right choice by signing up with Melita.

The most important thing that anyone wants from internet provider is uninterrupted and fast internet access. For families, or a large group in one household, it’s even more important to have super fast speeds. This is because it enables everyone in the household to easily access information, play video games and use their apps – whether it be to buy a ticket, check on the weather or carry out a banking operation – all at the same time, without ever having to worry about the internet going so slowly, that the game or app just doesn’t function properly.

Super fast internet across Gozo and Malta

Melita offers super fast internet across Gozo and Malta at up to 1,000 Mbps, or 1 gigabit speeds.  Even when many people are using multiple devices, they’ll never have to worry about a programme buffering or waiting patiently for a file to download. And because value means you get what you pay for, Melita offers a Speed Guarantee. Provided its internet subscribers are connected to their Melita internet modem via a wired connection, everyone will be able to enjoy the download and upload speeds they have subscribed to – whether it be morning, noon or night. 

But Melita doesn’t just offer superfast internet, as its customers will all have different ways of using the internet and differing demands. Some might spend much of their time on social media, researching on the world wide web or being creative – maybe writing a novel or using a design programme. Others could be into live streaming programmes or sport or online gaming.  So, to keep all their customers happy, Melita offers internet at varying prices to suit every pocket.  So much so, that when the Best Buy Swiss organisation, ICERTIAS, surveyed 1,200 Maltese internet users the majority responded that Melita offered the best price-quality ratio.

WiFi mesh

For those customers not using a wired connection, Melita also offers StellarWiFi, which gives maximum speeds on all types of devices, throughout the home.  Dad could be on her tablet finding a new recipe for dinner, Mum might be on a laptop working out where they should go on their next holiday while their teenage son and daughter are glued to their phones, chatting to friends, indulging in a bit of FaceTime or watching the latest soap – all at the same time. StellarWiFi is a bit like having a WiFi extender, but a whole lot better. Instead of degrading the speed which standard WiFi extenders do, StellarWiFi maintains the WiFi speed, giving each device the maximum possible speed, while enhancing WiFi coverage to the furthest corner of your home.

Melita’s fastest speed is GigaPower, allowing over 1,000 million bits of data (1Gbps) to stream into your home per second. That is 40 times more data than with a 25 Mbps internet connection. You want to download an HD film? No problem. In just 30 seconds, it will pop up on your device. Another problem that multi-use families often have is a lack of bandwidth for everyone at busy times.  The more devices that are used at the same time, the less space there is for each person to access information at an acceptable rate.  But with GigaPower, there’s ample room for everyone’s devices to keep up to speed.

Gamers, in particular, love GigaPower as it means they never have to miss a trick.  They can download a new game in minutes, get updates in seconds and with low lag and high reliability, are given the best chance to beat any of their rivals on the net.

Manage your home internet around your life

Melita also offers peace at mind for parents and anyone concerned about security. For mums and dads, it can be a worry when their children start accessing the internet from their own phones, tablets or laptops. Of course, most sites are innocuous, and many are enriching or educational, but there are some sites that parents may not wish their children to access. Melita’s StellarWiFi comes with Plume membership and access to the top-rated Plume App, with through which parents can easily easily limit what their children can and cannot access and block sites they would rather they were not able to see. And with AI Security, customers can opt to activate automatic protection from malware and viruses, choosing the level of security that they feel most comfortable with.

Other benefits of being with Melita and the Plume App is that it gives you access to features such as HomePass, which lets you control who can use your home WiFi network and for how long – another useful function for parents of children and teenagers and Plume Adaptive WiFi™, which ensures you have the best and most reliable connectivity in every room and on every device. By using the Plume App, you can control your home WiFi seamlessly from wherever you are – home or not – create and manage any of your SuperPods, keep an eye on the devices and people who access it, run speed checks remotely and much, much more.                                     

As with all Melita services, a Melita internet account can be managed digitally. Should you want to check your service status, update your details, look at your bills, ask any question or just look for help on their website, then all you need to do is download the MyMelita App, which takes seconds. And if you do need to get in touch with Melita, then you can do so via online chat, Facebook Messenger, email or phone. 

All in all, Melita offers the best, most comprehensive, superfast and reliable internet service that is guaranteed to suit you. No surprise that it was awarded this year’s Best Buy Award!