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Mobile phone – Top up or contract? Which one is best for you?

Friday, January 31, 2020 by Charles Karakas

Mobile phone – Top up or contract? Which one is best for you?

You can pay for your Melita mobile in several ways – either go with top up option or sign a contract and get more value for your money. All are as good as each other, it just depends what suits you best.


If you use your phone a lot, then paying monthly on a two-yearly contact is probably the best choice for you. It’s definitely better value if you like to chat for hours, need to make a copious number of business calls or like to surf the web daily.  And if you love watching videos, playing the latest games or are into virtual reality, then there’s really no better choice.

Melita is offering three new plans to choose from – Surfer, Streamer or Racer. All of these include an AMAZING offer of endless mobile data (no more worrying about running out of data before the end of the month!), plus endless calls and SMS to all local numbers and all EU and local numbers while roaming in the EU. If you just use your phone for browsing the internet, writing emails, listening to your favourite music and checking out your social media then the Surfer bundle is for you.  For €30 a month, you’ll have a maximum download speed of 3 Mbps in Malta or 21 GB of mobile data when roaming in the EU or UK.

For people who love streaming live events, watching videos in HD and like video calling when chatting to friends, then the Streamer plan could be for them. You get maximum 20 Mbps download speed, 24 GB of mobile data when roaming in the EU or UK plus endless international calls and SMS to Australia, Canada, China and the USA from Malta.

Anyone who doesn’t want to be restricted by the speed of their mobile data or those who are seriously into gaming, 4K video or virtual reality may want to go for the Racer plan at €50 a month.  With this, you benefit from top 4.5G speeds without any speed restriction and 34 GB of mobile data when roaming in the EU and UK, plus endless international calls and SMS as with the Streamer bundle.  What a fantastic offer!

Plus all of these plans give you endless MelitaWiFi access at more than 75.000 hotspots all over Malta and Gozo! What a treat! 😊

Oh, and if you’re already a Melita Flexi customer you’ll get all these new endless data mobile plans at even better value with savings of at least €5 every month, up to €15 a month on the top speed data Racer mobile plan.

Month on month

Don’t want to sign up for 2 years with a contract but still want to have such great benefits for you? Then month on month option is your best choice!.  There is no contract, but the monthly charge is higher – €10 more than the cost of the bundle chosen. You’ll also have to pay a deposit on the service. But it’s great if you’re only in the Maltese islands for a few months or if you want to try out Melita for size. You can terminate the service anytime without incurring a charge, as long as you let Melita know at least one month in advance and you’ll never have to worry about running out of credit.

Top up offers

With a Melita prepaid SIM card you can make calls to any local network in Malta and Gozo for just €0.10 a minute, even if you are anywhere in the EU.  SMS costs at €0.01 per message.  So, if you’re not a heavy phone user this could be the choice for you.  On the Tentastic 600 MB plan, it will cost you €10 to top up and you’ll also get 600 Mb of mobile data at speeds up to 4.5G and 20 GB of MelitaWiFi. You can also choose to top up with €20 and then you get even more, 1.5GB mobile data for free plus the above low call and SMS rates and 20GB MelitaWiFi for 30 days.

Another plus is that you can roll over your data. Each top up lasts for 30 days, but if you don’t use all your data, it will stay on your account until you’ve used it all.

If you need extra data, you can buy any data bundle from 500 Mb for €3, 1GB for €5, 3GB for €10 or 10GB for €20 which can be used fully later, without any time limit!

Although you do have to pay for calls and texts on a prepaid SIM, if you don’t use your phone, there are no charges.  Just don’t forget to keep the phone topped up and to ensure that you have enough credit for your next data bundle.

 Simply top up with €10 and every time you’ll get 600MB of mobile data plus 20GB of MelitaWiFi


With the Hybrid plan you get the best of both worlds. You have the value benefits of a contract, but if you don’t use your allocated free minutes or data, these roll over for up to 2 months.  You get unlimited SMS to all local numbers, unlimited free calls to all Melita numbers when in Malta or Gozo and then you can choose between minutes used to other networks and data used. If you are online on your phone more than using it to chat, then you’ll automatically get more data and fewer minutes.  If you’re the talkative type, it’ll be the other way round, with more call minutes and less GB of mobile data.  There are two plans – Flow1 which gives you a up to 1 GB mobile data or 100 local minutes to other networks for €10 a month; and Flow3 which gives you up to 3 GB mobile date or 300 minutes to other networks for €12 in the first year and only €15 afterwards.  With both plans you get 20 GB of MelitaWiFi each month and you can also top up if you run out of either minutes or data.

Whatever your needs are Melita has a plan for it for sure.

Charles Karakas

Charles Karakas

Mobile Marketing Manager