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Stay connected wherever you go in the world

Friday, June 26, 2020 by Melita

Stay connected wherever you go in the world

Roaming with Melita – use your phone abroad for less

Imagine this. You land in an obscure country, somewhere east of nowhere. You don’t speak the language, and as you shut the door to the taxi and watch it drive off into the distance down an empty road, a sudden chill runs down your spine. You remember that you left your bag containing your passport and wallet on the plane.

Luckily, your mobile phone is in your pocket so you quickly scramble to call the taxi company. But your phone’s service provider doesn’t have an agreement with the country you are in and so you cannot get any service. At this point, you’re effectively holding a rechargeable brick in your hands.

Though we hope that you’ve never had to experience a situation like the one above, a more likely scenario could be that you’ve returned from a trip abroad to find yourself slapped with hefty roaming bill from your service provider.

Such a bad situation is this that you may have even had second thoughts about using your phone abroad. Luckily, we’ll be looking at you why you needn’t worry and some of the great many benefits you could have when roaming abroad with Melita.

Mobile roaming Malta

Firstly, what is roaming and how does it differ from international calling? Put simply, roaming lets you use your mobile in a different country, with inbound and outbound phone calls, SMS and data usage.

Whenever you land abroad, you’ll receive an SMS reminding you that you are roaming and reminding you of applicable rates and fair usage policies.

It is always recommended that you check your roaming allocation depending on the country that you are travelling to and on the Melita mobile plan that you are subscribed to.

Roam like at home

When you travel to over thirty countries that fall within the EU, UK and EEA you automatically qualify for our Roam Like At Home plans, which enable you to use your phone for calling, SMS and data as if you were still in Malta.

Any allowances that you may have in your plan for calls, SMS or data will be carried forward and remain valid as if using them at home. If you go over the monthly allowances, you will be charged as if at home.

Be careful though, the only catch when roaming within these countries is that free calls and SMS to other Melita mobile numbers will be deducted from your total calling allowance. The simple truth behind this is the fact that when not in Malta, you are not making use of our own network and so we have no way of continuing to offer our free services abroad.

For a list of countries along with your plan’s applicable allowances, click here.

Cheap mobile roaming

Roaming in the EU has brought about massive improvements in the way you function when abroad. Think about all the things you use your smartphone for today that up until a few years ago were not available roaming travellers.

Examples of this include calling your friends to make arrangements or informing loved ones back home of your safe arrival. Maybe checking on flight, public transport or other vital information for your journey or even using services such as Google Maps with real-time updates and location accuracy.

Perhaps you want to buy tickets to a show online or check out some restaurant reviews before you head out. Of course, there’s the ever-important selfie that, thanks to the roam like at home service, can be shared with your friends and followers instantly.

Gone are the days of scrambling around in the hotel lobby with outdated and virus filled PCs, paying through the nose to use a phone or purchase some Wi-Fi. With Melita, you really do have the freedom to stay connected when abroad.

Use your phone abroad for less

Melita is committed to travelling the globe with you and allows you to stay connected in some of the farthest corners of the planet. Rates vary depending on the location and our agreements with foreign networks but we do our best to be a value for money service provider with the ability to keep you connected in many countries around the globe.

For a full list of the countries that you can visit, along with the applicable call, SMS and data rates, click here.

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