Understanding your first bill

Like most of the providers, we bill you for your service a month in advance. Your first bill covers your first days of service till the end of the month and your advance month. This only happens in the first bill or else after a change in an existing subscription. After that, you will only see the standard monthly fee.

Monthly Charges

Your service charges with Melita start on the date of your installation and will show under the Monthly Charges section on your bill.

If you have been charged any fees for installation or activation, then these will appear under the listed subscribed packages on your bill.

Other Charges

Outside of the above mentioned charges, you might also be billed for:

  • Month-on-month charges – €10 monthly (only applicable when you are not on a 24-month contract)
  • Call charges (usage) not included in your package
  • OnDemand features

If you’ve been charged for a service you don’t immediately recognize, don’t worry. Did you call to make a donation? Or maybe called directory services to request some details? This might also be the case if it is a service number.

If it’s not any of these and you still don’t recognise the call, please do. Click Here to get in touch with us. We will be happy to investigate it for you.

Payment Due Date

Your payment due date will always be the end of the billed month and can be found at the bottom of your bill.

If you prefer to keep paying your bill by means other than Direct Debit or Pre-Authorised Credit Card (PACC), the price will increase by €0.50c.