Why is a deposit required?

We may need you to make a deposit before the service is given as a form of security. The deposit is refundable upon contract termination or after a satisfactory payment record is established and paid on a timely basis. We might also need you to make advance payments from time to time, which payments shall then be credited to your account.

  • With an A’ ID card, (24 month and month on month agreement) a deposit is required.
  • For a hybrid or postpaid mobile service, account holder needs to provide a Proof of Residence.
  • For customers that do not have an A’ ID card a deposit based on the offer taken will be required.

How is the deposit refunded?

The deposit can be refunded back when:

  • Activating Direct Debit or PACC (payment method) through MyMelita. This applies for all cases unless there are any other open issues.
  • Upon termination of the service by completing the Credit bank transfer form. Once you have downloaded and completed the above form, kindly send it back to Melita’s Customer Care team on info@melitaltd.com.

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